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Welcome to The Last Tab.

Much has been made of the internet’s nefarious role in our politics, and largely for good reason. From Twitter trolls to fake news on Facebook to notorious chain emails, vitriol once relegated to the fringes has new life. The problem is, I see a lot of hand-wringing and little action.

So instead of telling you why social media is eroding civility and destroying our future, I want to promote the content worth sharing. Facts. Figures. Stories. Some laughs. That's the goal.

Here are a few of my favorite editions of the newsletter:

I hope we can help spread the good stuff to crowd out the crap that too often dominates our feeds.

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About Michael Stubel

I’ve spent a decade in communications and digital strategy, first in the D.C. think tank world and now in finance in Seattle. I write about the intersection of policy, politics, and American history.

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